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Edward C. Cooper       NB204      713-798-4939

MD/PhD (MSTP) Yale Medical School

Neurology Residency UCSF

Postdoc UCSF  Mentors via Neurotree



It is amazing that each nerve cell deploys just the right number of channels in just the right places.  I am interested in how this happens--and how alteration in channel trafficking and modulation underlie disease. I hope that new drug targets and  new therapeutic strategies will emerge from this effort.


Fun Fact:  I am enjoying getting in shape with summer outdoor exercise in Texas.

Li Li

B Clin. Med Dalian Medical University

PhD  Tokyo Medical and Dental University


Zhigang Ji

PhD  Tohoku University



Angel Lopez

BS University of Texas San Antonio

BCM Human and Molecular Genetics Graduate Program

Baouyen Tran

BS San Francisco State University

BCM Neuroscience Graduate Program


For each of us, experience is variable in important ways, from moment to moment, day to day.  I have been fascinated with ion channels as internal representations of this variability, both in health and in diseases such as epilepsy that have episodic symptoms.    In 1998, I began lab studies of KCNQ2 and KCNQ3 channels that were, then, newly linked to neonatal onset epilepsy.  In my clinical work with people with epilepsy, I try to combine humanistic and scientific approaches in order to minimize the effects of illness.  In the lab, we work as a team to develop new understanding of channels, disease, and therapy.


Fun Fact:  Still riding to work on the bike I used as a Jan Lab postdoc 20 years ago! 

Mingxuan Xu

PhD  Shanghai Institutes for Biological Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Although inherited KCNQ2 mutations cause benign familial neonatal seizures (BFNS), recent clinical case series indicate that certain KCNQ2 missense mutations cause more serious illness. In my current work, I am investigating  the KCNQ2 mutations found in patients with epileptic encephalopathy.  I am studying how to minimize the effects of these mutations with drugs.  


Fun fact: I am balancing the challenges of life in the lab with the pleasure and surprises of two young sons.

Ion channels located in cell membrane underlie the electrical signal of animal physiology. Through these signals, we see, hear, smile, taste and touch the wonderful world, and we think, we move, we enjoy the excitement of life. On the other hand, it is very clearly that the mutation of ion channel results in channel diseases. I am interested in investigating the mechanisms of epilepsy and the strategy for treating epilepsy. In my project, I study the epilepsy-related ion channel to prompt the development of drugs that have fewer side effects.

I have a strong interest in neurological disorders and development.  I am studying KCNQ2 missense mutations that lead to infantile epileptic encephalopathies and how alterations in subcellular distribution may contribute to phenotype.


Fun Fact: It is imperative that I go home often to California so I can hug trees.

My interests are focused on identifying neurological mechanisms regulating emotion using a multidisciplinary approach encompassing genetics, neuroscience and psychiatry. Epidemiological data suggest a biological relationship between mood disorders and epilepsy, and I joined the lab to expand our efforts to understand this.  


Fun fact: I enjoy skydiving and bungee jumping. 

Nishtha Joshi

BDS Maharshi Dayanand University

MPH Candidate University of Texas School of Public Health Houston


Fun fact: I do yoga and cooking to destress myself. 

I am a studying epidemiology with a Maternal and Child Health concentration and doing my Curriculum Practical Training in the lab. I am highly motivated to work towards development of treatment of a KCNQ2 linked epileptic encephalopathy. My work encompasses managing lab activities such as ordering and budgeting as well as more research and networking oriented tasks such as working on grant proposals, IRB applications and managing project website.

Mia Cooper

BA Barnard College

I am working to help launch the RIKEE Registry and website. 


Fun fact: Favorite activities include running, cooking, and making music to the best of my (limited) ability.

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