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Mar 2014

The Cooper Lab hosts KCNQ2 family visits in Houston. See coverage by NBC Houston, NBC Chicago, NBC Denver, and Jack's Army's  blog.


Mar 2014

Paper Alert! KCNQ2/3 channel collaboration with Kole Lab published as featured article by the  Journal of Neuroscience. (Link)


Dec 2013

KCNQ2 spectrum investigator's workshop moderated by Dr. Cooper presented at American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting in  

Washington DC.


Sep 2013

Dr. Cooper, Dr. Li and the Dr. Xu awarded grant to support new Q2 encephalopathy treatment research and animal models. Thanks to Rock the Block and CURE 

Jul 2013

Dr. Cooper, Dr. Li and the Pribaz Foundation featured in BCM Family article (Link)


Jun 2013

Zhigang Ji joins the lab!  (See Zhigang's cool and highly accessed optogenetics paper here)

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